Monday, March 22, 2010

Rose: Razzle Dazzle and Fire 'n' Ice

A red rose is commanding, but a red rose with a white reverse is dazzling. Hence, the name of one of today's featured roses: RAZZLE DAZZLE. This floribunda is outstanding for its dramatic coloration, sheer number of blooms per flush, longevity in a vase, and overall health of the plant. Here it is on my front patio:

Unfortunately, this 1976 gem is hard to find. I purchased it in 2006 from Vintage Gardens, which now only lists it available through its "custom root" program. I wouldn't recommend going this route since I've heard stories of people waiting upwards of 3 years for a rose. It is also listed as available from Hortico; however, I'm not sure that you will receive the right rose. The description states that Razzle Dazzle is a red rose hybridized by Warriner in the 70's; however, the photo shows an orange rose. You see, there is another rose with the name Razzle Dazzle from the 1990’s that is orange. Caveat emptor!

As an alternative, I will also recommend FIRE 'N' ICE.
Fire 'n' Ice is an equally gorgeous rose. But it does tend to get powdery mildew, which you can see at the top of the stem in my picture. Also, it doesn't seem to last as long in a vase, which is odd since this was originally a florist rose. Fire 'n' Ice is currently available from Rogue Valley Roses. In addition, it is available as a "band" (small rooted plant) at Vintage Gardens.

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lookin4you2xist said...

I have been waiting on an order from Hortico for over 4 years !

Azure said...

Wow, 4 years? I've been waiting for almost two years on a rose from Hortico, but you have me beat!

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